Woodgate Title Loans

Often, the best time to check out car title loans is before you need them. It’s a great way to learn about repayment plans, the terms of the loan and how quickly you could receive your loan funds. Title loans Rock Hill offer consumers several advantages over traditional bank loans and usually have competitive interest rates, which makes them appealing for folks considering a short-term loan. Lots of people rely on vehicle title loans due to job loss, divorces, changing jobs or other emergencies.

Online Rock Hill Title Loan Application

These secured loans can be used for any purpose, and they payout within a day of applying. Loan payouts are typically higher for car title loans because they are secured using the car title to your vehicle. Most folks are delighted to learn that Woodgate Title Loans offers an online loan application, so you don’t even have to make an appointment. You can start the whole loan process from the comfort of your home, and it doesn’t cost a thing to apply. Whether you need a loan today or six months down the road.

The Application Process in Rock Hill

Applying for one of our title loans is probably the simplest thing you’ll do all week. You can start your loan application by filling out our handy online application, visiting one of our loan center stores in Rock Hill or calling in your application to speak with a knowledgeable loan representative. To fill out your free application, you’ll need to provide a small amount of information about yourself and the vehicle you wish to submit for collateral.

• Your personal information with your full name, home zip code and a telephone number where we can discuss the details of your loan.

• Vehicle details such as the age of your automobile and a mileage estimate. To obtain the current market value of your car or truck for loan purposes, we’ll also need the make, model and body style.

Required Documentation

Woodgate Title Loans processes loan applications immediately, so you can expect to receive a phone call from one of our loan representatives shortly after applying.

• Your driver’s license to confirm you are 18 or older.

• The car title to your vehicle. Titles should be lien free and list you as the vehicle owner.

• Proof of income such as a current paycheck stub, Social Security letter stating your benefits or government issued benefits.

In addition to these three pieces of documentation, your vehicle should be in working condition and you’ll need access to a telephone to participate in your loan consultation.

Learning About Title Loans Rock Hill

Free Loan Applications

Unlike some other lenders that charge an application fee, you won’t be charged any type of application fee from Woodgate Title Loans.

Terms of the Loan

It really is to your advantage to look over your monthly bills carefully before choosing loan terms. For example, choosing a little longer repayment period may be advisable if you are concerned about monthly payments. This gives you more time to repay the loan with smaller sized payments. You may choose from a short-term repayment period of 30 days or opt for a longer period.

Free Loan Estimate

Each applicant applying for title loans Rock Hill can expect to receive a free loan estimate. This is the amount of money that you could be qualified to receive.

Using Your Vehicle for Collateral

All title loans in Rock Hill by Woodgate are secured using vehicles as collateral. This helps to assure us that you’ll repay your loan, and it also means we take on less risk since loans are secured. To secure the loan, Woodgate Title Loans will ask you to submit the paper copy of your car title during the loan closing, and we’ll place a temporary lien against the vehicle.

Vehicle Driving Restrictions

There are no driving restrictions during your loan period. You may use your vehicle just like you always have to go to work, shop, run errands or attend school.

Credit Scores

The lien remains in place until you finish paying off the loan. At that time, we remove the lien and return your car title. One of the biggest advantages of title loans Rock Hill is that credit profiles and scores are not solely used in the qualifying process. There is no need to check scores since you have already offered your vehicle.

Quick Service

Woodgate Title Loans is proud to be able to offer some of the fastest service in the title loan industry. You can count on us to provide professional services and quick payouts within one day of applying.

Loan Consultations

Loan consultations are used to iron out the details of your loan. However, they are also free of charge, and they give you the perfect opportunity to ask questions, resolve concerns and get to know how title loans work.

Loan Payouts

Our loans payout anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands. If your car is fairly new and in good condition, you could drive home with a loan worth thousands.

How the Car Title Loan Process in Rock Hill Works


• Apply online any time that’s convenient for you.

• Study your free loan estimate to determine if the loan amount makes sense for your financial needs.

• Spend a few minutes with your loan representative discussing your monthly income, source of income, term preferences and choose an affordable repayment plan.

• Review your loan contract, which is written to meet state auto title loan regulations.

• Hand in your paper car title according to collateral requirements.

• Collect your cash.


Woodgate Title Loans

Car title loans Rock Hill, offered by Woodgate Title Loans, provide a number of great benefits if you are in the market for a short-term loan. Applying is fast, and qualifying is easy. If you need quick cash now to pay off bills, make repairs or cover the rent, we’re here to help.